Kindly read through our entire website (especially the FAQ and how to arrange) before you contact us for booking. If you have further questions you are welcome to contact us during our operation hours (12pm - 6am daily). Please do not sms as it is difficult to deal by sms.


We look forward to hear from you. Please forward our name card, price list and hotel list to your friends. Thank you.


If you wish to collaborate with 168 Escort kindly call or email us --->

Things You Should Not Do
  • Contact us when we are not open.
  • Deal by sms as we need to take down your details.
  • Call several escort service providers simultaneously.
  • Place order when you are not in the hotel / residence (place where you want us to deliver the escorts).
  • Negotiate prices with the escort or driver when they arrive or if you wish to extend the session.
We would appreciate if you could recommend our escort agency on relevant websites, blogs and sex forums. Thank you. Don't forget to save our contact number as well as pass it to your friends.